Possum Removal Kaleen ACT 2617

Signs Of Possum Presence

Kaleen ACT 2617

  • Audible fighting and squabbling especially after dark;
  • Mess and odour;
  • Animal droppings anywhere on your property;
  • External building damage;
  • Any noise within your walls and/or ceiling;
  • Possum sightings in or around the building;
  • Dogs or cats paying attention to the walls, subfloor or ceiling;

If you answered YES to any of these points….then you may have possums living in your home

What To Do

If you suspect that you have possums at your property in Kaleen ACT 2617 Call 1300 164 831 and speak with our animal expert for advice, For our process outline please see booking page.

We are professional animal removers. Please entrust us with your issues for a fully guaranteed animal free outcome performed by our professional team of animal experts and tradesman, All work is within the law and humane, NO HARM to the animals and you will be sleeping peacefully within days!!

What you need to do & what we do is locate & repair any possible possum entry points anywhere on the exterior of the building (including the roof), then remove the animals in a very safe and humane way. We let them get out and then we make sure that they cannot get back in…very successfully. the Possum is then free to find a new home for himself in his local area.

Please call the Office on 1300 164 831 (assistance available 24/7 leave a message if unattended) to book one of our professional possum removers to assist you, or if required, for free advice with any difficult enquiry regarding animals within buildings over the phone.

Possum Facts

Despite being relatively common in some urban and rural areas including Kaleen, possums face a range of ongoing threats to their survival including the loss of habitat, increasing competition for sheltered sites, increased mortality from motor vehicle impacts, predation from domestic pets, accidental poisoning, disease and illegal capture and dumping. In response to the ongoing loss of habitat, and to avoid interactions with domestic animals, possums will occupy available dark recesses such as garages, unsealed roof cavities or chimneys.

We often receive requests from the community to manage possums that are negatively impacting on buildings and other property or perceived to be causing a nuisance. The types of interactions reported include possums accessing and damaging roof cavities and chimneys, soiling living and work areas, damaging gardens or making excessive noise.

Possums And The Law

Most people assume that the possum can be caught and relocated well away from their Kaleen property. But it is actually illegal to do this under the Native Animal Wildlife Act’s Australia wide. It is also illegal to trap a possum without a license or permit from the proper authority. When possums are relocated to an area other than their own, their survival rate is limited due to the fact that Possums are extremely territorial and will kill any new animal that is intruding on its territory. This will almost certainly result in the relocated possum’s death within days. Another possum will then almost immediately move into that one’s home YOUR HOUSE! … This makes this a useless exercise, and is the reason for our business of sealing up the buildings and making them 100% “POSSUM PROOF”.

All possums, as well as all other Australian wildlife, are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Acts of all states and territories in Australia. It is illegal to KILL, HARM, TRAP or otherwise INTERFERE with them. It is also illegal to CATCH & RELEASE them without a licence or permit. A possum must be released within close proximity and not beyond the border of the property on which it was captured, or specified distance (50 metres usually) on larger properties, and only if you have or your acquired help has a license or a permit to do so. A possum must not be released in an area of identifiable danger where there is a high probability of the possum being placed under stress, injured or killed. Possums are highly territorial, and if not released within their own territory, they are generally killed by other possums. Releasing a possum beyond the area prescribed on the licence & in law is prohibited. Large fines do apply.

Have A Possum Problem In Kaleen ACT 2617?

Contact our Team on 1300 164 831 or 0432 433 784 for advice or to arrange for one of our inspectors to come out, or simply fill in the form below and we will be in contact to discuss further.

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